The Lifespan Of Polished Concrete – How Long Will It Last?

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The lifespan of a polished concrete floor depends on a number of factors.

What type of finish it is, the amount of traffic through the area, and how it is maintained will all have an effect on the durability of a polished concrete floor.

Any polished concrete floor that has a coating on the surface, such as a polyurethane or an epoxy, will eventually wear over time through higher traffic areas. The higher the amount of traffic through the area – the quicker the coating will become scuffed and begin to wear.

Whilst topical clear coatings can wear more quickly than a mechanically polished concrete finish, they can also be maintained quite easily. If a coating wears to the point where its gloss level becomes uneven, a simple process of lightly sanding it back and applying a fresh coat will have the floor looking like a new again.

A mechanically polished concrete finish, or HiPERFLOOR, will outlive any clear coating, regardless of the amount of foot traffic through the area. As it is a hardened concrete surface, it will resist abrasions and continue to shine for many years to come.

This is why we are proud to offer Husqvarna’s full 10-year guarantee on all of our HiPERFLOOR finishes.

Provided your polished concrete floor is initially finished correctly, and cleaned with appropriate cleaning products, there is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy many years of maintenance-free happiness.

We recommend the use of pH-neutral detergents when cleaning your floor to ensure the maximum lifespan.

For any advice on the lifespan of you polished concrete floor, please contact us to speak to a specialist.