Hipergrind has become one of Australia’s leading HiPERFLOOR polished concrete specialists.

Having built knowledge of the HiPERFLOOR system over many years since its creation, Hipergrind has become certified by Husqvarna to install their industry-leading product.


HiPERFLOOR is a revolutionary concrete polishing process that can transform any concrete floor, new or old, into a visually stunning, highly abrasion resistant and virtually maintenance free masterpiece.

Gone are the days of having to apply and re-apply hazardous coatings to protect your floor. Husqvarna’s HiPERFLOOR introduces new diamond grinding technologies to produce stunning polished concrete results without coatings. Thanks to new concrete hardening and diamond grinding developments, we are able to achieve an incredibly smooth, glass-like finish that will out-last any protective coatings.

Husqvarna HiPERFLOOR is available in many different finishes, with varying aggregate exposure and gloss levels.

Environmentally sensible polished concrete

HiPERFLOOR is a smart solution to reduce environmental impact from a number of different aspects. It reduces material wastage and future surface replacements/refurbishments, as well as lighting energy requirements. It incorporates products with low environmental impact, and there is no need for reapplications of topical coatings to maintain a desired finish or to prevent concrete from wear.

Hygienic and slip-resistant polished concrete

The hard, glossy surface of a Husqvarna v is easy to clean and therefore also suitable for areas with high hygienic requirements, such as hospitals, food production facilities etc.

Despite its glossy appearance, a Husqvarna HiPERFLOOR has a high friction coefficient, and can be installed to conform to a variety of slip resistance classifications.

Grind & Seal Grind & Seal Grind & Seal Grind & Seal

Hipergrind has a range of sealers available to suit your specific requirements, including environmentally friendly, low VOC water-based sealers.
Epoxy Coatings

Available in a range of different colours and finishes, Hipergrind can provide a customised finish to suit your requirements.
External FInishes External FInishes External FInishes External FInishes

With the use of the best outdoor sealers currently on the market, Hipergrind can provide an extremely durable finish that will withstand all types of weather.
With the added benefit of being non-slip and UV stable, our external finishes are a cost-effective solution for outdoor polished concrete areas.

Hipergrind is a dynamic Melbourne-based company that has been formed by some of Australia's leading concrete polishing experts.

We combine our knowledge of the industry, with the absolute latest in concrete polishing technology, to consistently deliver spectacular looking floors unlike anything previously seen before.

Our vast knowledge of concrete grinding and polishing allows us to create tailor-made polished concrete finishes to suit all types of concrete floors, whether they are new or old.

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