Polished Concrete Finishes – A Simple Explanation

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“Polished Concrete” is a broad term used to describe a wide variety of decorative concrete finishes.

To simplify this, we can break this down into two main types of finishes; Grind and Seal, and Mechanically Polishing.

Whilst both of these finishes can have similar methods of grinding the concrete, they differ in the way they are finished.

A grind and seal finish relies on a clear coating as the final surface (similar to polished floorboards). This protects and enhances the concrete underneath, and provides a hard-wearing surface. In most cases, these coatings will be either a polyurethane, an epoxy, or an acrylic. All of which have their benefits, depending on the intended use and desired look of the floor.

A mechanically polished concrete finish, also known as HiPERFLOOR or “True” polished concrete, is a system of grinding and hardening the concrete, prior to polishing it with progressively finer diamond grit. This leaves an extremely smooth, glass-like finish without the need for a topical clear coat. The main benefit of this being that the final surface is actually hardened concrete, which is extremely durable and resistant to abrasion when compared to a coating. The concrete will also remain a more natural color when compared to a topical coating.

Whilst not all concrete slabs are suited to a mechanically polished finish, a grind and seal finish almost always delivers consistent results on all types of concrete.

For advice on which finish is most suitable to your needs, feel free to contact us and speak to a specialist.